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I met my husband-to-be in San Francisco International Airport. Funny thing is, we lived just 15 minutes away from each other in Vancouver, but fate brought us together thousands of miles away from home.

Sophia, 35

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Missing an easyJet flight from London Gatwick to Paris in the most ridiculous of circumstances actually forced me into meeting the most amazing travel buddy - we’ve visited 19 countries in three months already!

Jackson, 25

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As an Aussie on Spring Break in Los Cabos, Mexico, I didn’t really have a clue. I wasn’t to know that I’d booked the wrong flight back home to Australia - and I would never have made it home if it weren’t for one hell of a girl.

Travis, 21

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Take a chance getting to know someone you meet at the airport, because you never know when you might need them. If I didn’t, my friends and I would probably still be stuck in the mountains of Laos.

Ingrid, 24

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Never would I have known that being dumped by my friends in the searing Spanish summer could end up being one of the best travel stories ever told!

Nicolas, 30

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    Connect with travellers with the same interests and the same destination at the same time.


    Not only is it a whole lot more fun, but it’s proven to actually make you live longer!


    Get the most out of your trip by hearing from those who have done it before you.


    Reminders and up-to-the-minute alerts when your flight details change.


    Team up with your partner to redeem global travel deals based on your destination.



is a world where the millions of people who travel through airports across the globe each day can share the incredibly intimate, personal, and exciting adventures in a way that only they can. It’s a world where real people aren’t afraid of exploring and navigating all ends of the earth through the experiences of others. It’s a world where travellers can find people who, together, want to freely contribute to the irresistible wisdom that is aligned with wanderlust.

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How Hangaround Works
How Hangaround Works
How Hangaround Works
How Hangaround Works

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