Our Purpose

HangAround was born from a traveller, for all travellers. Enough of the endless scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. They should be complimentary to your life, not fully absorbing.

The truly wholesome, emotional experiences come face-to-face. Connect with others and start creating your own experiences. Share your travel tales and tips while learning from the billions of wanderlust travellers in ways you never imagined you could before.

You never know who you might meet in an airport.

Our Mission

is to remove the light, white glow of a phone from the face of a bored traveller and replace it with the colourful curiosity that comes with sharing extraordinary and unpredictable experiences with intimate interaction.

Our vision

is a world where the millions of people who travel through airports across the globe each day can share the incredibly intimate, personal exciting adventures in a way that only they can.

It’s a world where real people aren’t afraid of exploring and navigating all ends of the earth through the experiences of others.

It’s a world where travellers can find people who, together, want to freely contribute to the irresistible wisdom that is aligned with wanderlust.